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Software Translation and Technical Translation of Software Strings


Translation of software is a particularly specialised area of language translation and requires experienced project managers knowledgeable about how software strings integrate with a user interface and therefore able to ensure that the resulting translation is bug free and ready for release.


Software strings are often subject to character restrictions within the user interface and certain languages require special treatment of compound words and special extended characters.  We have years of experience of working across a wide variety of software platforms and languages and with hundreds of software projects under our belt we are confident in our ability to overcome even the most tricky technical software issues.


Of course with software translation it’s not the source code that requires translation, but the user interface.  Software translations often contain a significant number of repetitions with particular phrases referenced a number of times, so we start by isolating the text for translation, and running it through our translation memory software to establish a total wordcount on which to base our quote.  Often we can significantly reduce the number of words for translation and save our clients time and money on their translations.  For clients who come back to us time and time again with updates, the savings are even more substantial as we can isolate the new text from that which we’ve already translated and stored in our client specific translation memories.


As with any technical translation, we will select the right translator based not only on the language but also the subject matter to which the translation relates.  We will always recommend a language specific beta test for any new software and can assist with this as required.


Website translation is a particular area of expertise for our team of translators and our clients are often surprised how little it can cost to have their web pages localised.  For any website translation, we will first talk to the client about which elements of their website they need translating and for which target audience. A website can often contain both technical and marketing text and therefore we often use teams of translators with complimentary skills.  When required we can translate directly in the Content Management System of the client website, this can save a lot of time for the client by not having to cut and paste translated text back into their website, and more importantly it avoids the potential for text to be clipped or otherwise corrupted during the cut and paste process.  We always recommend a proofread of the translated website prior to publication to check for any display issues.


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