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We provide translations of a huge range of business documents; our translators regularly translate tender proposal documents and the resulting commercial agreements and contracts.  Due to the unique nature of many business translations, we have developed a method of project managing business translations which is tailored to the specific requirements of our business clients.  When translating business transactions, it is common for an initial email enquiry to be relatively short and of course at that early stage our client might not know what that enquiry might be worth to them.


Therefore, rather than the client incurring multiple minimum charges in those circumstances, we create an ongoing open file for translations based on our client’s specifications.  This allows for a number of small translations, perhaps some emails to and from a prospective new customer making an enquiry to our client, to be translated for a fixed fee.  Once the relationship is established, the nature of the translation might change to a proposal document or a product specification which needs careful translation.  If an initial proposal results in a meeting to hammer out terms, we can provide an interpreter either here in the UK or at a location of our client’s choice to assist in negotiations. Assuming all goes well there is likely to be a contract of some sort, which we will also translate taking account of which jurisdiction is applicable.


Of course once our client has won a new export customer, this is only the start of our client’s interactions with them and we can help at every step of the way from export documentation, product data sheets, instructions and other mandatory materials, which need translating by law, to other documentation such as invoices, which tend to be paid more promptly if they are translated into the language of the finance department processing them!


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