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Providing Technical Interpreters
In All Languages For All Purposes

Technical Translations offer a comprehensive technical interpreters service to any business or organisation operating in any market sector.

We have a large number of qualified technical interpreters operating in various locations around the UK and overseas able to help with business meetings and other verbal communications between speakers of different languages including British Sign Language (BSL) for the hard of hearing.

Before employing a technical interpreter, we will always discuss with you which mode of interpreting you require – your choice of interpreting style will depend on the format of your meeting.

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For a quick free online quote for your interpreting project please complete the following form.

Please include as much detail as you can regarding what Language pair(s)you need, the date, time and location of the assignment and the approximate duration. If you are uncertain of your requirements please enter "TBA" and we will be glad to help clarify your needs and provide advice.

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Consecutive Interpreting

Business interpreting at smaller or less formal company meetings, factory visits, exhibitions, product launches, government meetings and accompanying delegations etc. will mainly involve either consecutive or whispered interpreting.


Simultaneous Interpreters

We can also provide technical interpreters or teams of technical interpreters for larger events where the interpreter(s) will operate according to a method known as simultaneous interpreting.

We are able to provide equipment hire for such events meaning you only have to deal with a single point of contact for all of your interpretation and equipment requirements.


Telephone Interpreters

We can also provide telephone interpreting on demand where one or more speakers who are not in the same room as the interpreter can communicate with him or her through a telephone line.



The levels of qualification required vary according to the type of interpreting assignment and we apply strict criteria when matching interpreters to the requirements of the client and the circumstances of the assignment.   All our conference and business interpreters must have active memberships of at least one professional body such as ITI, ATC, IOL, NRPSI or DPSI as a minimum requirement. In addition we also look for relevant experience and background knowledge.

Wolf Safety Lamp Co Ltd.

Manufacturer of hazardous area portable & temporary lighting



As a new Supplier Technical translations were very good.

The turn around of the translation was excellent and the technical accuracy was remarked upon by our customers.


Simple Stuff Works

Simple Stuff Works are a family run organisation making therapeutic night time positioning equipment for people with movement difficulties.


They had this to say about the service from Technical Translations..


Working in a niche medical market and starting to export across Europe we had to ensure that our translated materials would be clear, concise and reflective of the medical terminology. From initial inquiry to a finished product took only 10 days and we were very impressed with the professionalism, assurances and the speedy turnaround of Gemma and her team. Thank you!

Eden Holistic Pet Foods

“As a small, family run company looking to expand into the European market it is imperative that we get the right support for translating our marketing materials in order to aid our sales efforts.

Technical Translations offer a fast, accurate and personable service, and have been a pleasure to deal with.”

Ceramic Drying Systems

CDS Group design and manufacture specialist industrial ceramic drying systems for a growing international market.  CDS contacted Technical Translations when they needed multi-lingual literature for an international trade show.  At that stage the brochures hadn’t been designed or the copy written so the process started with a technical copywriter and our in-house designer producing the English version before we then got to work on translations into various languages including Arabic and Chinese.

Ceramic Drying Systems
Ceramic Drying Systems

Nicky Dunne of CDS said “We operate in a very niche market and to produce our multi-lingual marketing materials we need much more than just a translation company – we need a team of people who understand our industry and also the nuances of how to get our message across to an international audience.  We were also up against a tough deadline so we also needed a really fast turnaround.

The service we got from Ben and the team was great, right down to personally delivering the printed brochures just in time to be shipped out to Germany for our trade show. I’m really glad to be working with the team at Technical Translations.”

Panorama Antennas

Panorama Antennas design and manufacture Antenna technology for wireless applications in the telecommunications and electronics industries.  Their customers include Police and emergency services around the world.  They were impressed at the quality of our translations in addition to our service and price. 

Arlington Police Department
Arlington Police Department

“Technical Translations provided us with highly accurate translated versions of our very specialist product instructions. They beat our deadline by several days and did it all for a brilliant price. We will be using them for all our translation from now on.”

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