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The role of the translation project manager is of vital importance for the smooth running of any translation project large or small.  Not only can a good project manager reduce the time required for the completion of the project, they can avoid many of the pitfalls which might otherwise cause increased cost and headaches for the client.

Our translation project managers have a wealth of experience across scores of projects from the smallest translation into a single language, right up to a huge translation into multiple languages of a complete set of publications for a global giant.  Every client who contacts Technical Translations for help with a translation project will be allocated a project manager who knows their industry and can immediately offer insights and helpful advice even before the project begins.


What does the project manager do?


The first thing a translation project manager will ask is whether they can have sight of the document to be translated.  This enables the file to be analysed for any repeated phrases and for the accurate calculation of the number of words to be translated.  If the client has worked with us before then the project manager will analyse the source documentation against the client’s relevant translation memory that may include elements of the same text from previous projects in order to save the client paying for repeat translations.

The project manager will make use of our translation memory tools to calculate the total project cost and produce a comprehensive project quote within the same working day.  They will also make recommendations to the client if the content requires Desk Top Publishing or an in-context proofread following translation.

Once the quote is accepted and the project goes ahead, the translation project manager is responsible for the correct allocation of the work to our team of translators.


How are translators chosen?


Our translators are hand picked for their technical expertise and the project managers spend a great deal of time ensuring that each translation project is placed with the right team of translators.  We maintain a comprehensive record system for every project we have ever translated and which translator has which skills and experience and by a careful cross-referencing of skills and experience we can always find the right translator for the job.  For more details on how our translation project managers hand pick our translators click here.


How does the project manager save time and money?


Very often a potential problem dealt with early can save a huge amount of time and expense.  If a text is being translated into ten languages, then an error in the source text spotted before if goes to translation can save that error being multiplied by ten.  Our project managers spend their working life working on technical literature and of course we get to know our clients very well indeed.  Our clients have come to value an extra pair of experienced eyes on their text and it’s not uncommon for our project managers to spot small errors before they become much worse.

Larger texts can take a considerable amount of time to translate and proofread and our translation project managers are very skilled in breaking a large text into segments in order to allow a team of translators to work on it, rather than rely on a single translator.

Having used translation memory tools to trim down the amount of new text for translation, the translation project manager will produce an output file for translation which is then sent to each of the translators in the team.  One of the best ways in which our project managers can trim the time needed to complete a project is by making use of translators who live and work in different timezones around the world.  So for example, an urgent translation project from a client in the USA might come in late in the day here in the UK,.   If the translation is needed into Chinese for example, while it’s night in the USA, its daytime in China and so we can work around the clock in order to deliver the translated text back to the USA the following working day.


What else does the translation project manager do?


If a project requires Desk Top Publishing (DTP), then the project manager will plan when the translated text will be completed and whether any client review is required before it can be integrated into an artwork file ready for publishing.  If the finished project is destined for print, then the project manager will work with the client to take account of the number of printed pages and whether some languages require a right to left or alternative print layout.  Once the DTP layout has been completed and before delivery to the client, the project manager will carry out one last quality control check for both accuracy and layout, ensuring that the finished translation product is as good as it can possibly be.


Wolf Safety Lamp Co Ltd.

Manufacturer of hazardous area portable & temporary lighting



As a new Supplier Technical translations were very good.

The turn around of the translation was excellent and the technical accuracy was remarked upon by our customers.


Simple Stuff Works

Simple Stuff Works are a family run organisation making therapeutic night time positioning equipment for people with movement difficulties.


They had this to say about the service from Technical Translations..


Working in a niche medical market and starting to export across Europe we had to ensure that our translated materials would be clear, concise and reflective of the medical terminology. From initial inquiry to a finished product took only 10 days and we were very impressed with the professionalism, assurances and the speedy turnaround of Gemma and her team. Thank you!

Eden Holistic Pet Foods

“As a small, family run company looking to expand into the European market it is imperative that we get the right support for translating our marketing materials in order to aid our sales efforts.

Technical Translations offer a fast, accurate and personable service, and have been a pleasure to deal with.”

Ceramic Drying Systems

CDS Group design and manufacture specialist industrial ceramic drying systems for a growing international market.  CDS contacted Technical Translations when they needed multi-lingual literature for an international trade show.  At that stage the brochures hadn’t been designed or the copy written so the process started with a technical copywriter and our in-house designer producing the English version before we then got to work on translations into various languages including Arabic and Chinese.

Ceramic Drying Systems
Ceramic Drying Systems

Nicky Dunne of CDS said “We operate in a very niche market and to produce our multi-lingual marketing materials we need much more than just a translation company – we need a team of people who understand our industry and also the nuances of how to get our message across to an international audience.  We were also up against a tough deadline so we also needed a really fast turnaround.

The service we got from Ben and the team was great, right down to personally delivering the printed brochures just in time to be shipped out to Germany for our trade show. I’m really glad to be working with the team at Technical Translations.”

Panorama Antennas

Panorama Antennas design and manufacture Antenna technology for wireless applications in the telecommunications and electronics industries.  Their customers include Police and emergency services around the world.  They were impressed at the quality of our translations in addition to our service and price. 

Arlington Police Department
Arlington Police Department

“Technical Translations provided us with highly accurate translated versions of our very specialist product instructions. They beat our deadline by several days and did it all for a brilliant price. We will be using them for all our translation from now on.”

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