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When sourcing translation you might be tempted to try and find a suitable translator yourself rather than relying on a technical translation agency, but by picking the right translation agency, you could be saving both time and money.

The first thing which a translation agency will give you is a skilled and experienced project manager, their job is to source you the right translator, with the right skills and experience, and prepare your file for translation.  The project managers at Technical Translations will often be able to save clients significant sums of money even before the translation has begun, by using translation memory tools to search your document for repetitions.  On larger projects the use of translation memory by a skilled project manager can make substantial savings, and if you have no access to translation memory tools you will have to pay for all these repetitions to be translated.

Your project manager will also check the translation before delivering it to you, and if you require it they can also help with other elements like Multi-lingual Desk Top Publishing.

It’s also the case that an established translation agency will have substantial purchasing power which they can exert on your behalf, negotiating the best possible price from the best translators, even on occasion combining your project with another in order to achieve an even better cost.

Sadly in recent years we have noticed a rise in the number of bogus translators plying for business on the internet, as a technical translation agency with a number of years trade and decades of experience in our team, we have quality processes and an established team of the world’s best translators so you the client can be assured of a high quality translation every time.

If you have a translation project, and haven’t previously thought of using a translation agency, then why not give Technical Translations a chance to give a competitive quote?