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What is a technical translator?

It might be assumed that all professional translators are pretty much the same and that having reached a standard sufficient to gain accreditation by one of the industry bodies for translators, that a translator could handle pretty much any content however, a technical translator has a little something more which sets them apart.

Technical writers in any field of technology or industry will be used to working within a lexicon of language unique to them and their colleagues.  Acronyms and trade names form just part of this lexigraphy and unless the translator knows the industry they are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to producing any kind of quality in translation.  We have seen over the years a great many examples where a “good translator” has still failed to deliver a translation which is fit for purpose, causing clients to switch their contract to us from translators who simply haven’t had the inside knowledge of the industry or technology to which their translation applies.

We have over 400 technical translators in our team, covering all major languages including Arabic, Chinese and other more difficult to find languages.  We are especially well known for our ability to handle large translation projects involving multiple translators working as a team.

The cost of “fixing” a translation carried out by non-technical experts can be as much as the original translation might have cost in the first place.  Better to pay once and get it right first time – talk to the experts at Technical Translations and make sure you are getting the work done by a technical translator.