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Technical Translations have noticed another trend in the translations industry. Translation of Health & Safety-related material are on the rise. Speedy, quality, technical translation of health and safety documentation is an ever-growing requirement not only for businesses operating globally, but also many UK businesses employing workers from overseas. However, although many UK businesses have a migrant workforce, less are convinced of the need to have the documentation they provide to their workers to carry out their roles safely and efficiently translated.

In recent years there has been a huge influx to the UK of migrant workers from European countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania, often arriving with a limited grasp of English and arguably working in some of the most hazardous industries in the UK.

These migrant workers offer a steady supply of cheap labour and are often eager, hardworking employees. However, without adequate training available in their own languages or translation of health and safety instructions, information or procedures made available to them, accidents can happen in the workplace. With the prospect of large payouts for injuries helping to generate a modern claim culture, every company needs the peace of mind that it has made best endeavours to keep itself indemnified and its workforce informed and protected at all times.

Technical Translations believe it is in every employer’s best interests that their employees should have proper access to health & safety manuals and this access should include instructions for operating complicated or dangerous machinery translated into their own native tongue. As if to endorse this view, the Health and Safety Executive’s own website has carried business translations of various documents in over 20 languages for some time.

We offer a comprehensive translation and interpreting service in respect of health and safety for business; and where training on the ground is needed as well as translation work, we have interpreters who specialise in many different industrial backgrounds available in a wide range of languages. Just give us a call.