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If you are targeting an international market, like the saying goes – “when in Rome – do as the Romans do” and tailoring your message to your international markets is vital to success.

Here are five great reasons why translated online content is important.


1. Help to get your Business get in front of an international audience

Translated online content including, websites, blogs and social media content makes the difference between being found by international clients, instead of just being overlooked.

Imagine you live in Madrid, and you want to search the Web for a restaurant, are you going to type “restaurant” into a search engine, or are you going to search in Spanish?  Are you going to bother searching in English when you can search in your own language?  It really is as simple as that – if the target of your marketing is going to search in their own language, and you want even a chance of being found, then you’ve got to produce content which is translated and optimised for the search terms they are typing in.  Even if the majority of your web content and social media isn’t translated, once you’ve been found then the appeal of your website might be sufficient for someone for whom English isn’t their first language might be prepared to read on in English, but if you aren’t found, you’ll never know.


2. You Will Drive More Traffic To Your Business Website Your Via International Search Results

So how do you go about getting found by international clients?  By producing targeted, optimised, translated online content in the language of your target market.  The good news is that this costs a lot less than you might think, and since most of your competitors will be chasing a limited number of key phrases via google they’ll be paying more for google adwords than you’ll pay for organic rankings which are more robust and preferred by the vast majority of consumers.

3. You Will Develop More Trust With Clients As You Talk In Their Language (people buy from who they trust)

It’s not always easy to build rapport with a prospective client, in fact it’s easy to offend or annoy if your tone of voice or language doesn’t reflect your business properly.  If your prospective client has to work to translate your content then you are missing a chance to engage with them on a deeper subconscious level.   Done right, translated online content is easy to read and shares the cultural nuance of the reader, not just their language.  We can all spot a bad translation a mile away, don’t fall into the trap of making your client do all the work in building the relationship, speak to them in their language.


4. You will have targeted visitors as your SEO will be focused on the right multi-lingual keyphrases

Your English language keywords and search phrases are fine for an English speaking market, but to get your Business in front of an international audience you need internationally translated online content created for each audience and combine this with localised Search Engine Optimisation.  In the same way that you might segment your UK domestic market, you need to do a little research to understand what keyphrases are used in each language and culture and get your social media content translated to drive more International Search Engine Traffic to your website.  Done right, the result will be highly targeted visitors eager to learn more about your business.


5. You can duplicate great content at no risk, getting superb value from any content marketing strategy

Webmasters know that duplicating content on a blog is fraught with danger, and can be counter-productive in search engine rankings, but publishing translations of your great content is seen positively by all search engines, so you can multiply its effect easily.

At Technical-Translations we use cutting edge technology combined with specialist human translators to deliver a low cost solution to any business seeking to get in front of an international audience.  We can help with translated online content targeted to drive more International Search Engine Traffic to your website, translations of web copy and even content creation and localised Search Engine Optimisation.