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With summer sadly now behind us, our translation clients are reporting a steady increase in their domestic sales and export opportunities as projects that have been pending for a few weeks while we all relax in the sun are now being given the green light – It’s an exciting time of year as businesses across almost all sectors get busier and busier, and of course that means that our translation teams get busier too!

While downbeat commentators are talking about uncertainty in export markets due to the Brexit vote, our experience is that businesses which are active in pursuit of export opportunities are making massive gains at the moment.  The pound is low against international currencies making UK exports very cost effective, and demand for UK products and services remains buoyant despite those who would have us believe that the vote to leave Europe has adversely effected the perception of the UK among consumers overseas.

The foundations of the UK’s reputation for quality and innovation remain as strong as ever, from fashion to engineering British businesses are known for our design flair and cutting edge technology the world over.  We recently had feedback from a client in the Automotive sector who earlier in the year decided in reaction to a steady stream of enquiries from overseas to have us translate his website into two major European languages and he tells us that as a direct result he has seen a threefold increase in enquiries (and sales) from those countries as a result.  He couldn’t be happier with the return on his investment and we are about to launch a further language variant for them in the near future.

As a global translation business we have a unique insight into which international markets are “Hot” and which are not.  We even track on a monthly basis which language combinations top the charts – Currently translating English into Spanish in case you were wondering.  So, if you’d like to talk to us about export opportunities for your particular sector we are happy to have a chat and give you our opinion and a few supporting statistics, without any charge or obligation – just part of our service to you our valued clients.