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Our clients love the technical translation service from our team of dedicated professionals, tailored depending on their immediate needs, and the markets into which they are selling.

For a good number of our clients, translating their website or product sales literature is perhaps the first step in gaining a foothold into a new market, and for them the technical translation service starts with a discussion about what they hope to achieve and who their target audience might be, of course we don’t charge for providing insights into various export markets, it’s all part of the value added which we give to all our clients.  If the process is starting with a website translation, then it’s unlikely that the client will need every page translated, and we will work with the client to identify what is needed and when, planning ahead for the next stage once the market has been tested.


For some of our clients the market is already well established, and for them the technical translation service goes beyond the production of product literature and into post sale materials such as contracts, delivery paperwork, certifications and acreditation and of course instructions and manuals.  In many instances the conditions of a sale include the production of translated materials, but just because the translation is effectively a cost of sale to the client, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have an opportunity to add value in our technical translation service, quite the contrary, a well prepared set of documentation can make the difference between a one off order and a regular contract.  Early in our company history we had a great example of this, a major contract had been won by a client of ours and delivery was due into the Middle East.  The terms of supply stated that our client should produce translations into Arabic and at first they wanted to do only the bare minimum to keep costs down.  However, when we pointed out that presenting the head of purchasing with a leather bound set of product literature in Arabic would be a gesture likely to win favour, the client agreed and we went ahead and produced two copies of beautifully presented Arabic paperwork, complete with gold embossing!  The Middle Eastern customer was so impressed that they immediately placed further orders with our client.  So when looking at technical translation service expect to be pleasantly surprised at what the team at Technical Translations might be able to do for you!