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Linguists are a talented bunch, but who is the greatest ever?

For those of a certain age, and with a certain interest in sci-fi movies, there can surely be only one answer: C3-P0! As a protocol droid he is fluent in over six million forms of communication. Add to this his humour, bravery and dazzling good looks (well, maybe not) and it is hard to argue against the accolade. So, how does our team of technical translators/linguists measure up?

Unfortunately, none can offer services in so many languages; though many are multi-lingual. I’m pretty sure none have helped rescue a princess or defeat the “Dark Side”, but I will check. One thing is for sure – we have someone who can meet your requirements.

What they can offer is expertise in their subject matter; be that any form of science, defence and security, robotics, travel, communication, various forms of engineering, lasers, etc. You name it, one of our linguists will have the appropriate specialism for your industry as well as the requisite language and translation/interpreting qualifications. On top of that they will have at least 5 years’ experience as a professional freelance translator and membership of an official translation organisation. To find out more about our linguists and how we select them to join our team click here.

So, whatever your part of the galaxy – “far, far away…” or otherwise, we have the droids linguists to solve your translation needs. Indeed, we only use human linguists – no machine translations. To find out why humans are better than machine click here.

May the force be with you! (If not, Technical Translations will be)