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Localised and translated marketing materials

Translation of marketing materials for an international audience requires specialist translation and localisation skills.  A verbatim, word for word translation alone is not enough: what is required as a localised marketing text which reads with all the cultural nuances and intonation of a source text written by a local.  Our translators are all mother tongue speakers and so their linguistic skills are always in touch with current culture.  Of course no two creative writers will ever use quite the same tone of voice, so often we will give our clients a choice of two or three translators who know their industry intimately and let the client chose the linguistic style of the translator which they prefer.  This stylistic choice is then recorded and maintained across all translation projects for that client and a combination of translation memory and a comprehensive glossary of terms ensures a consistent tone of voice across all future projects.  A vital element of translating marketing materials is the layout of text for print or other forms of publication; be it online, via interactive CD or traditional print.  In addition to providing high quality translation, we also produce print ready translated materials with a full Desk Top Publishing (DTP) capability including all major DTP and publishing-for-print software tools.
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