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Proofreading is an important consideration when producing any written copy, and we recommend that translations are subject to the same rigorous checking as any other written documentation.  Technical Translations offers a professional proofreading service whereby a second, independent linguist reviews the translation for any grammar, syntax and spelling mistakes.  The translation is also checked against the original source copy to ensure that there are no mistranslations and that the terminology used is accurate.

Proofreading is carried out immediately after translation by a native speaker of the target language with the necessary specialisms in the source text subject matter.  The proofreader is provided with any reference material, such as glossaries, style guides and images that were made available to the original translator.

Technical Translations also offers post-DTP proofreading and in-context proofreading services, which may be of interest if the translation is to undergo Desk-Top Publishing (DTP) or is to be uploaded to a content management system (CMS), for instance, and requires checking again in PDF format prior to print or online before the web pages go live.  A final round of proofreading at this stage is vitally important, since it is usually the final opportunity for a linguist to check translated copy prior to costly print-runs or a website going live.

A well-written and accurate article or webpage in your prospects and clients’ native language creates a great impression on them.  It instinctively suggests how communicative and professional you are in the presentation of your products and services.  That is why we strongly recommend our proofreading service for any translated copy that is intended to be published.

Technical Translations will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate translation workflow based on your requirements and end-use of the translated material.