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Whether you have a technical manual for translation, industry specific software strings to translate, a patent application or a business contract, or an entire website for translation, it should go without saying that you want a professional to do the job, and professional translations require professional translators.  It is surprising therefore that many people don’t check the credentials and qualifications of those they commission to translate their vital business documents.

Choosing the right professional translations company to partner your business can be tricky, and we asked some of our clients what made them come to us after they had initially landed on our website and submitted a quote through the online system. It was soon apparent that it was our rapid response and attention to detail that immediately recommended us to many of our clients.

“You are very quick to respond with an offer of further assistance and sound practical advice following initial contact through the website,” said one of our clients, recently. “This sets you apart from the crowd in a marketplace where companies are increasingly driven by profit and attention to the needs of the individual gets sidelined.”

“Technical Translations understood the brief, provided a rapid and competitive quote and then delivered against their commitment exactly as promised. We would have no hesitation in using them again”, commented another client.

Our translators are a happy bunch too. “Translation is a solitary profession but working with Centuries you really feel appreciated and part of a team. Being treated this way makes you go the extra mile for them and their customers. Centuries is one of those rare marvels in our industry. They really go out of the way and are always ready to deal with queries, “enthused one of our German translators.

So for your professional translations you can be assured of the best if you work with technical translations