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Our expert translators are so immersed in their technology sector that they intimately know the common lexicon of linguistic terms used in that industry or technical field without the need to ask.  All our expert translators without exception have industry recognised translating qualifications involving regular peer review of their work and, as you might expect, we thoroughly vet a new member of the team before we let them loose on a client project.  Our own in-house system of peer review compliments and further enhances our team’s overall translation skills and experience and ensures that our translation quality is maintained at the highest level possible.

We receive regular applications to join our team, and the first criteria is always to ask what technology expertise the prospective translator has to compliment their linguistic talent.  If the translator has appropriate skills and expertise then we will have some samples of their work peer reviewed before considering them for joining our team.

Technical Translations has an extensive network of globally-based linguists with different areas of expertise and abilities, which are selected via strict criteria – for details of our translator selection procedure click here.

If you are an experienced translator interested in joining our team of expert translators click here for details of how to apply.

Our expert translators are humans, not machines

Our technical translators are human and no two people write in quite the same style or tone of voice.  While two varying writing styles might both be 100% accurate, you might have a favourite tone of voice for your translated materials and we welcome when a client wants to get involved in the selection of their translation team on the basis of writing style.  In those situations, we are very happy to provide sample translations from a number of equally qualified technical translators and give the client the final choice of “their” translators.

To learn more about the difference between an ordinary translator and a technical translator click here.

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