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Marketing Translations are a vital element of your global marketing spend.  Did you know that over 30% of global internet users are not native speakers of English? With access to the internet increasing fastest outside Europe and North America, it looks as if this percentage is on the increase. So how is your company reaching out to international customers? Do you carry out marketing translations and what is your visibility like on the world wide web?

We all know that English has long been considered the international language of business. Increasingly, however, traditional markets are in decline due to the financial crisis in Europe and America and many companies are looking to translate export markets into new avenues of business, both to expand and to survive the recession. We therefore find ourselves in a marketplace where many other languages are becoming ever more widely used, such as Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Interestingly, millions of pounds of potential revenue are lost every year due to lack of investment in website localisation and marketing translations. Despite the potential to access thousands of new customers, many businesses are put off getting translations carried out because they don’t know where to start and feel daunted by the cost. What many entrepreneurs do not realise, however, is that it is not necessary to get the whole of your website translated, just the home page and those all-important contact details for starters, and that the cost of having a couple of hundred words translated into, say, six to eight key languages will not be a great deal more than the price of a decent water cooler for the office.

People always feel more comfortable when they’re presented with translated documentation in their own language, and having your website translated is often considered that first vital step towards making your company more accessible to a global audience. It also makes customers feel valued and esteemed, and customers who feel that you have something personal to say to them are more likely to return – and keep coming back.

Another very salient point to consider when meditating having a website translation done is the credibility it gives your company. Companies that have taken the trouble to have their website translated into other languages immediately gain kudos simply for having made the effort to do so. It is clear that you mean business if you have a multilingual website, and also projects the reassuring image of being comfortable in a multilingual world.

Technical Translations has the expertise you help you decide what language set will give you the best advantage in both the markets you currently export to and those you are looking to break into, and our friendly staff are on hand to answer your questions 7 days a week.

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