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How can you be sure of getting low cost translation – Use a professional translator.

The cost of translation is naturally paramount in the mind of every client when they come to use for a quote.  As you might expect in a competitive market, we aim to keep our prices as keen as possible, but what does low cost actually represent?  When comparing apples with apples, at what point does low cost become so cheap that you are risking the greatest cost of all – an incorrect translation which is at best embarrassing and potentially a great deal worse.

Long before I established Technical Translations, I was a client of translation services myself, sourcing translations of packaging on behalf of a number of multi-national brands.  Naturally, I wanted low cost translation, and occasionally the client provided their own translations.  On one such occasion the true cost of low cost translations was bought home to me after thousands of pounds worth of packaging had been printed, the product packed and shipped and only then did the client find out that their low cost translation was wrong.  I was amazed that for the sake of a few hundred pounds in professional translations, my client had cost themselves hundreds of thousands of pounds, not to mention embarrassment and a lengthy delay on a new product launch.  I was grateful that the mistake was the client’s and not mine, but I was still able to learn a valuable lesson as a result of their penny pinching!

No-one should be surprised that Technical Translations are not the cheapest place to source translation; you get what you pay for after all and because we get our translations right first time every time, we are the low cost translation option.