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As the owner of the UK’s leading technical translation agency I’m bound to say no, but it amazes me how many businesses think that all translation agencies are the same, and that the quality and focus of the translation work they do will be identical.  Over the years we’ve had feedback from clients and translators on our competitors and without naming names I’ve been staggered at the practices of some well-known translation businesses who claim to offer technical translations.  Our clients tell us time and again that only Technical Translations offer clients the perfect combination of precision and price.

One of the critical elements which sets us apart as a technical translation agency is the translators in our team, attracting the best talent is not easy and I am proud that we have built a team which is genuinely the best in the world.  Crucial to building and keeping this team, is the fact that we pay well and we pay promptly for the work which our translators do.  The best translators are always busy, and because we want them to always prioritise our client’s projects, we have always and will always pay them on time.  You’d be surprised how many of the translation agencies operating in the UK and overseas have an awful reputation for paying late and trying to under-price quality work in an effort to boost their short term margins.

Of course having the choice of the best translators means we can always find the right translator for every client job, no matter how obscure the subject matter.  In circumstances where another translation agency might have to settle for a translator who knows a bit about the subject, we can always rely on having an expert, and that expertise means that we deliver a more precise end product.

Now you might well be thinking that paying a premium for all this expertise means that you the client might have to pay more for your translation, but in fact this is not the case for a very simple reason – we operate on very slender margins, and keep our overhead costs as lean as possible.

Where another translation agency might have a shiny head office building in a major city, we have a team of over 400 people all working remotely via the cloud, making us lean and efficient and keeping your costs as low as possible.

If you’d like to experience the difference for yourself we’d love to show you what we can do, why not contact us with a translation project and see for yourself?