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Marketing professionals are now used to being able to accurately track a wide range of metrics from clicks shares and page likes, to dwell time, bounce rate, revenue per page, even the age and demographic profile of every customer almost in real time – but how many Marketing professionals are looking at the Return on Investment (ROI) from their Translations?
It intuitively makes sense that marketing collateral works better in the language of the target audience – but how much better? Well how about 3X better!! If you look at website conversion – Gillian Muessig, co-founder of SEO specialist MOZ, is quoted as saying that:

“Research indicates that 3 times as many readers of a website will convert to customers if you give them information in their native language.”

Conversion rates are one thing, but before a customer can be swayed by your awesome website, they have to know that you exist in the first place and most businesses overlook the fact that potential customers around the world are searching for products and services in their native language and unless you have content in that language you won’t get any kind of ranking on the major search engines.

What about the hidden cost benefits from Translations? Think about the calls to your helpdesk that result from lack of translated instructions leaving customers confused and unhappy and less likely to recommend you. It doesn’t stop there – bad quality translations can cost you even more than no translations at all – badly translated product descriptions or instructions can actively turn customers off your brand and into the arms of your competition.

Food for thought? It certainly should be, and increasingly we are helping our clients optimise their Translation ROI through a variety of tools including integration of translations with their existing SEO strategy. Talk to us about setting some ROI targets for your translations and see how we can help you to boost your returns.