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Becoming a technical translator takes many years and requires a very specific set of skills and experience.  How we select our technical translators is of huge importance to us and our clients, for whom knowledge and fluency is vital.

Writing style and tone of voice is also an important consideration and often when undertaking a project for a new client, the translation project manager will provide a number of short sample translations for the client to review, so they can choose the translator which they feel most comfortable with in terms of writing style.


Technical translators must fulfill the following criteria in order to join our team of linguists:


  • We only ever use technical translators who translate into their mother tongue.
  • All technical translators must hold a relevant language degree and a recognized qualification in translation and/or interpreting as applicable.
  • We seek to partner with technical translators with additional specialisms, such as legal, medical, engineering etc., meaning we can select the most suitable linguists on your behalf based on the subject matter of the original source text.
  • We only partner with technical translators that have at least 5 years’ experience in working as a full time professional freelance linguist and can demonstrate a successful track record via two professional references.
  • We only use technical translators who are members of official translation organizations, such as the ITI or IOL in the UK or the equivalent in their native country.  Such organizations have strict admission criteria, which they use to assess the linguists before allowing them to become members.
  • All of our translators must sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement and code of conduct contract.


Before new technical translators are input into database, their CV is reviewed to establish that their qualifications and professional experience are sufficient. A profile is then created containing the translator’s details and CV, along with a summary of their experience, qualifications and specialist subject areas.

The first few translations by any newly added translator will be revised by an established and trusted linguist and comments from the revision stage passed onto the translator and project managers.  The number of revised and commented translations is at the discretion of the project managers involved and dependent on the feedback received.

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Technical translators interested in joining our team please click here for details of how to apply.