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Technical writers need a technical translation service and our business was established for technical authors to covers all languages and technology sectors plus full multi-lingual DTP and print services.

It may seem pretty obvious that technical writers need technical translators if their content is going to be used in other languages, but it’s surprising how many businesses overlook the need for technical knowledge when sourcing translators.  Our team work with technical writers all over the world from a range of industries including industrial lasers, oil and gas, patent and IP law and electronics.  The thing which all technical authors have in common when they write, is that they use a lexicon of terminology which relates to their industry and might only make sense to other technical experts in their field. This is the reason why Centuries focuses on providing Technical Translations and why we have spent years recruiting the best technical translators in the world from the most diverse possible collection of industries.

We have learned over many projects that Technical writers have a particular method of working and we have developed our services to integrate within that method.  So, for example, often a new instruction manual relating to the latest in industrial lasers is likely to be based at least in part on the manual which was produced for its predecessor and as a result a good proportion of the terminology in the new manual will be shared.  If we previously translated the old manual into a number of languages, then our translation memory software will contain a good proportion of previously translated text.  So the first thing our translation project manager will do is compare the new document with the preceding one to look for shared text.  This not only saves the technical writer time and money in managing the translations, but also, on occasion, can help identify inconsistencies or even mistakes in the text, before we send it for translation.

For more details on how our translation project managers work with technical writers click here.