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Many of our clients are reporting a noticeable slow down in sales overseas since the recent election results.  There could be many reasons for this of course, and the likelihood is that this is only a temporary effect, but what can UK businesses do to ensure that their sales overseas aren’t effected by uncertainty in Europe?

Without doubt the political uncertainty of the Brexit Vote followed by the general election has caused a few businesses to wonder whether the future remains quite so bright as far as overseas sale are concerned, but anyone who has been successful in business will tell you that in times of uncertainty it is those who plough on and continue to follow their plans and take a lead rather than following who come out ahead.  Our advice?  Don’t assume that your customer think any differently about your product or service, just because of our UK daily news spinning an endless story of doom and gloom.  The news in Italy or Germany is full of their own news and rarely mentions the UK economic figures, and don’t forget, the drop in the pound is a huge incentive to overseas buyers to grab a bargain!  Indeed regular fluctuations in Exchange rates can really pay off – We have one client who agreed a sale four months ago, and when they got paid recently they had a £10k exchange rate windfall they weren’t expecting!