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It’s the nature of our business that time is always short, and we have built our business around providing fast translation, but not just fast translation, everything we do from responding to a client enquiry, processing a file and providing an estimate, right through to processing the clients order and delivering the project is all done as fast as possible, while of course never compromising quality.  Like a pit crew during a race, if we compromise on the quality of what we deliver for the sake of speed, then you the client will loose the race.

Like all things, providing fast translation without an eye for quality could mean delivering quickly but having to compromise our translation standards, so to make sure that quality isn’t impacted we have built a project management infrastructure that means we can respond outside normal office hours, we can work smarter as a team and we can cope with greater volumes of text in less time through collaboration.

It’s worth noting that there are certain things that our clients can do to help us provide them fast translation, not least giving us notice of an impending need, even if the exact nature of the project isn’t known and the timeframe is sketchy, it’s so much easier to react and throw resources at an urgent translation that needs to be done in a hurry if we’ve been able to warn our team in advance that a project is likely.  This doesn’t mean we expect clients to know about every fast translation project they have in advance, but if something is likely we’d sooner be ready to react if at all possible.

It won’t surprise you to learn that those clients who have an established relationship with us, and for whom we have previously carried out work, can expect faster turnaround since their translation team is already well briefed, and we are likely to have an established translation memory which can cut down on the volume of new content for translation.

So if you have a regular if unpredictable need for fast translation, it pays to let us know to expect this, and we’ll gear up to provide you with fast translation delivery without impacting on the quality you need.