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Exporting is both exciting and daunting and the cost of entering a new overseas market might well be higher although the rewards can be much greater, so where do you start if you are new to exporting?

The first thing to think about is which target market you want to go for.  The world is awfully big and if you spread yourself too thin, you’ll end up with very little to show for all your hard work.

Have you already had expressions of interest from overseas?  Maybe one of your existing UK clients has an overseas office or sister company which you could target?  In our experience those new to exporting are more successful if they set themselves realistic target markets that they can reach at a reasonable expense.

You might think that exporting to Europe should be really easy, and in many ways it is, but don’t forget, Europe speaks a multitude of languages and encompasses a range of cultures.  If you are exporting consumer goods, what sells in the UK might not have consumer appeal in say Spain or Hungary.

When it comes to translating for your export market, again focus is the key to success.  Translating your entire website and all your product literature into a range of languages before you’ve tested your market could be premature.  Instead start with one or two products, check your market is receptive at a price that makes you a profit after transportation and any taxes, then get some marketing materials translated, maybe a page or two on the website and most important of all, get ready to receive enquiries in a language other than English.  We have specific services designed to help our clients break into exports and we can direct them to helpful resources like UKTI so why not get in touch and lets talk about your exporting plans, and see how we can help?