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For UK businesses looking at overseas markets for the first time exporting to France can be an inviting prospect, and there are plenty of good reasons for first time exporters to look at France, not least its proximity to the UK, but just because France is close by, you still need to make an effort and  Translation into French is important if you want to target the French market.

France is the second largest consumer market in Europe with 65 million inhabitants, and there is a demand for UK goods and services.   In terms of world rankings France is the world’s fifth largest economy and  Paris competes with London to be the Eurozone’s leading financial centre.

Translation into French can help you address markets outside mainland France of course, many former French colonies in Africa and the Middle East have French as a second language.

Technical Translations carry out a large volume of translation into French for clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, hardly surprising since France is home to Europe’s:

largest aerospace and nuclear industries

second largest agri-food and chemical industries

third largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and pharmaceutical sectors

For more information on doing business in France UKTI have produced a highly informative video.

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