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Technical Translations are the partner of choice for a number of UK Chambers of Commerce, and we work hand in hand with the Chambers of Commerce to assist exporters, including of course the vital Export Documentation they need.

Chambers of Commerce are authorised by (BIS) the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to issue and certify export documentation including EUR1 movement Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Invoices, Agency and Distributor Agreements plus Health, Veterinary, Vessel and Inspection Certificates.  Getting this export documentation right first time is important since missing or inaccurate documents can lead to delays as well as fines and extra shipping costs, or even prevent your goods from being exported.

Even if you  are using a freight forwarder or an agent, legally it’s still your responsibility to make sure the right documentation is attached to your shipment.

In recent years the issuing of Export Documentation has been automated and now that the service is available online its far easier, faster, cheaper and more secure.  An Added benefit for regular exporters is that key information is securely stored, making repeat certificates or adaptations really quick and easy.

Much of your Export Documentation will need formal Legalisation, and again most of the Chambers of Commerce offer this service to most countries as standard.

In addition to Translation of important export documentation, don’t overlook the need to translate delivery notes, invoices and statements of account.  Even if the purchase order was placed with you in English, its common for vital paperwork like delivery notes to be discarded because the operative at the shipping office cannot read English and doesn’t recognise it as being important proof of delivery.  This can make all the difference between getting paid or not.


For help with your export documentation we recommend talking to your local Chamber of Commerce.