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Multi-lingual Desk Top Publishing involves much more than simply replacing an original source text with the translated text.  Even where the translated text uses the same alphabet and basic typography, there will be differences in the length of sentences and the position of text relative to any images or diagrams, not to mention the overall text length in relation to page numbers.  Where a translated text involves the use of alternative alphabets or typography such as in Arabic or Chinese translations the need for professional Desk Top Publishing is increased since the layout of the document may be fundamentally changed.

We will often ask our clients about their Desk Top Publishing requirements when they enquire about a technical translation, since DTP can be overlooked or assumed to be a straightforward matter of cut and paste.

In many instances there is a need to keep to a particular number of pages in order to keep print costs under control. For Desk Top Publishing projects involving larger print runs, the cost of translation can be insignificant compared to the potential extra cost if the number of pages increases by only one or two.  This is where skill and experience in multi-lingual Desk Top Publishing can be hugely valuable, using expertise in laying out various languages in order to keep the page count and hence the print costs down.

Wherever a project involves Desk Top Publishing, the project manager will carry out a comprehensive quality control process, checking for accurate layout and ensuring complete accuracy before delivery.  To learn more about the quality control process applied by our project managers click here.


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